The music series is an outreach ministry of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church that offers the community a relaxing and entertaining musical break. Tell your friends!

St. Paul’s Music Series Board of Directors
Chairman: David Benson
Board Members: Martha Barnett, Connie Arline & Ducky McCormick

Presented by Hardy & Dottye Graham
We are very grateful this season for support from a grant from the
Virginia Wright Matzner Music Education Endowment
at the Community Foundation of East Mississippi.
Also many thanks to these fine sponsors:
Martha Barnett; Barbara & Gary Boone;
Marilyn & Jerry Greene; Margaret Van Dyke;
& a special member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

1116 23rd Avenue

Meridian, MS 39301



Monday thru Thursday • 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Friday • 8 a.m. to noon

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Principal Photography: Mark Davis, St. Paul's Member

Design: Kim Gianakos, St. Paul's Member

St. Paul’s is a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi, the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

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Mission Statement
St. Paul’s mission is to support and encourage one another in living out our baptismal vows and to share God’s unconditional love with the broader community.

Statement of Inclusion
“This is the Lord’s house, home of all his people, school for the faithful, refuge for the sinner, rest for the pilgrim, haven for the weary; all find a welcome.” (Hymn 51; Verse 4)

Core Values
• Worship
• Serve Christ and neighbors
• Celebrate the blessings of life
• Grow in the knowledge and love of Christ