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Holy Eucharist

Celebrated every Sunday at each service, the sacrament Holy Eucharist is the liturgy for the proclamation of the word of God and celebration of the Holy Communion. Eucharist literally means “thanksgiving. Also called Holy Communion, Mass or the Lord’s Supper, it is the central act of gathered worship in the Episcopal Church and is the second of the great sacraments given by Christ to his church. It is the appointed means by which Christ becomes present to his church.


We believe the risen Christ is present with us in the sacramental forms of Bread and Wine. St. Paul’s is here to share the Eucharist with all baptized persons, regardless of their personal belief, faith or lack of faith. God calls us all differently, but in all cases, St. Paul’s will welcome you at our altar. Before partaking of communion, you will be asked to cleanse the “thoughts of your hearts” and confess your sins in order to prepare yourself to receive the “holy food and drink of unending life in him.” These are profound words, intended to make you think of the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ and way in which he has asked us to remember that sacrifice. He has told us to “take, eat” and to “drink this, all of you” in “remembrance of me.”


As a practical matter, we at St Paul’s can offer gluten free wafers if you make your preference known, and if you are unable to walk to the altar, the priest and celebrants will come to you. You may come to the altar for blessing only, and you may choose to “tinct” or dip your wafer or guide the chalice to your lips. The point is reverence for the gift, not the way you receive the gift.

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