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By Jean Merrell
St. Paul’s is pleased to offer many opportunities for education and Bible study. One of our classes — called Middlers — is open to folks who are 30- to 50-years-old, single or married. We like to think Middlers are journeying in the middle of the road of life, sandwiched between generations, facing unique challenges and amazing opportunities in a rapidly changing and often confusing world. We care and support each other as brothers and sisters in Christ in a safe and loving community.

Faith Lens Curriculum
This weekly Bible study connects current events with the Bible, faith and everyday life. A short article and Bible readings are emailed each week. On Sunday, we discuss our reflections and how to live out our Christian ethics in today’s world. The study materials are published by the Evangelical Lutheran Church so please register at to receive the lesson directly from Faith Lens.

Laughter and Play
Middler’s need to play more and the opportunities for whole group social activities will be expanded this year! We have gatherings for adults-only, as well as, gatherings that include children and dogs. Child care for the kid-friendly events will be at St Paul’s or a member’s home.

The Middler’s are involved in our community and sponsor the Flat Jesus booth at the annual Allie Cat Run. This was a fun and successful project last year and we are looking forward to this again. We also participate in the seasonal food drive for L.O.V.E.’S Kitchen. Plans are under way to expand service to St Paul’s and the greater community.
As a group, Middlers are on a journey of sharing confidence in God’s grace; liberated by faith to embrace the whole person — imperfect, complex, inconsistent, questioning. Come as you are.

Companions On The Journey
We are companions on the journey
Breaking break and sharing life
And in the love we bear is the hope we share

For we believe in the love of our God
No longer strangers to each other
No longer strangers in God's house
We are fed and we are nourished
by the strength of those who care
We have gifted with each other
And we are called by the work of the Lord
To act with justice, to love tenderly
And to walk humbly with our God
—Carey Landry — 1985


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