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Sermon Proper 21


It is still about the “little ones.” 


Last week at Okatibbee Lake, I had one of those rare moments when I wanted to use a prop during my sermon.  It was outside, and two years in a row we had a gentle breeze coming from the lake to make a lingering summer day a beautiful one.  So much so that my son slept through it all and I didn’t want to move him.  But, it was last week when Jesus took a little one, a child in his arms as the disciples argued over who was the greatest.  

Sermon Proper 25


“Son of David, have mercy on me!”


I have said these words a great deal over the past few weeks.  I’ve had to actually. Since Clergy Conference this has become my homework.


One thing I like taking advantage of every year at Clergy Conference is seeking the Rite of Reconciliation.  Now don’t get concerned for your priest. 

Sermon Proper 23


We have three baptisms today from three awesome kids, I am biased of course but speaking for Harriet we can’t wait.  I just want to say I love them.  Baptisms.  I love them because they are so surprising you have no idea what’s going to happen or how the Holy Spirit might just interject herself into the whole situation. 


Sometimes we can see it in the godparents, parents and grandparents and sponsors, everyone gathering around the baby, and the children sitting on the floor.  We all wait to see the spark of something.  There is something that happens. 

Sermon Proper All Saints' 2018


“Unbind him and let him go.”


All Saints’ Sunday is always one of those days where you know you will have a conversation about it in the coming days.  Whether it’s at lunch or at school, there will be someone coming who will say, “How was Church?”  Let’s sort it out together before it happens so we’ll all be ready. 

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